What Is A Dehumidifier And What Does A Dehumidifier Do?

So now we’ll discuss; What is a dehumidifier and what does a dehumidifier do? You will have a better understanding of when and where you need to use this type of machine for a more comfortable living environment. 

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A dehumidifier is a gadget or a machine that removes moisture from the air; releasing better quality dry and warm air in a room or space. It is fitted with elements that ensure an intricate execution of its work to achieve the desired result.

This machine can work in two major ways because there are different mechanisms fitted to achieve the same. The following information will shed more light into what is a dehumidifier and how it works.

Dehumidifiers can work by refrigeration or by absorption/adsorption. Each method is unique and people will choose each machine owing to their own personal preferences.

The idea is to have a gadget that fully works to meet the necessary requirements. Below is a look at the two major methods as alluded to above.



There are up to eight elements or features that work together to capacitive de-humidification in this manner. The first mechanism involves a grille that sucks warm and moist air from the room or space. The air is sucked on one side and moves on to the next stage.

The second element is an electric fan which draws the air inward and this is done on a continuous basis. The third stage is where the warm air passes over freezing cold pipes where there are coolants circulating. The warm air is cooled and the moisture is liquefied. This liquid drips down the pipes into a removable container.

The fourth stage in the dehumidifying process is where this moisture-free air is heated again with a heating element to make sure that the air is kept warm to its original temperature. Through another grille on another end, the warm air is blown back to the room.

The tray where the water was collected can get full and it will trigger an alarm that indicates to the person using the machine to empty the tray. It is a seamless process that is able to remove all the moisture from the air and get it back to the air with its original warmth.

This dehumidifier works through the process of refrigeration and in a way, it achieves the purpose of air conditioning.



These are the dehumidifiers that work through a mopping action. This is where the water in the air is absorbed or soaks into something; which is absorption. The water can also be picked up on a surface; which is adsorption. Through this type of humidifier, the moist air is sucked in through a duct.

The air is them moved past a rotating wheel that contains a water absorbing material that removes the humidity. This air is drawn using a fan that works through an electric motor.

After this action, dry air will be blown out into the air. There is an electric heating element that keeps an air duct hot that is found underneath. Through an exhaust duct, hot wet air is blown out.

It is also an intricate system that is very effective in achieving de-humidification. This is an insight into what a dehumidifier is.


Now what will the machine do for you?

This article is about finding the right answers to the question what does a dehumidifier do. Put is simple words, the main job of any branded and quality dehumidifier is to reduce the level of humidity in the air.

This is basically keeping in mind the overall health concerns of the inmates of a home, office, hotel or other such places. Too much of humidity can lead to a number of breathing and bronchial problems.

Hence, at time there could be the need to control the level of humidity in the air. They are also quite commonly used in ice rinks again with the same purpose of reducing the level of humidity in the air.


When Would One Need A Dehumidifier

There is no doubt that there is a need to ensure good health of inmates of homes and other places. Therefore, there always is the need to maintain humidity levels in these places within acceptable and manageable levels.

It should also be borne in mind that too little humidity or dryness in the air could lead to skin discomfort, chapping of lips and other such problems. On the other end of the spectrum too much of humidity accompanied by heat could become highly uncomfortable and even unbearable.

It would be very difficult for the normal human mind and body to identify the optimum and correct levels of humidity in the air.

Hence it is always better to make use of technology and learn to use a hygrometer. This is a device that will show the levels of humidity in the air. However, there are some symptoms that could help in identifying excess presence of humidity in the air.

There are some simple ways by which one can conclude that the humidity levels in the air are higher than comfort levels. If ceilings and corners or the walls have mold spot, it is quite likely that the humidity levels are higher than acceptable levels.

Whenever the window glass doors or the backyard door starts condensing it can certainly points to increased levels of humidity in the atmosphere. Any bad or musty odor as one enters the room is a sure-shot symptom of increased levels of humidity.


Is This Machine Needed At All?

If one asks me this question I certainly would say that in places where humidity levels are high, especially during monsoon and summer seasons, it certainly is a must. They could go a long way in preventing some of the worst forms of bronchial attacks, asthma and many types of skin allergies and disease.

Too much of humidity also makes the body tired. It is also needed to keep the home clean and prevent damage to furniture and fixtures like sofa, carpet, upholsteries just to name a few.


How Does The Dehumidifier Work?

If I wish to know how the machine works I feel that I should have some basic idea as to how it works on the ground. The main function of hygrometer is to pull in air from the surrounding areas. This is done by a fan inside the machine.

When the moisture filled air touches the cooling coils in the machine, the temperature comes down considerably and the humidity levels in the air get reduced quite significantly.

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