Humidifier Benefits – 15 Top Reasons Why You Need One

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Humidity is the amount of atmospheric water vapor and humidifiers are the devices used to help increase it. There are numerous humidifier benefits in homes or any other indoor area during the dry winter months; they help to put moisture back to the air which creates a lot of benefits to you and your family.

The level of indoor humidity should remain between 30-50 per cent but during winter, it can go as low as 10 per cent which has adverse effects to you and other things such as the furniture in your home and house plants. Here are the top benefits of having a humidifier:


  1. Helps to prevent illnesses

Humidity allows tiny hairs in the nose to move and do their job of filtering out bacteria and viruses to prevent colds and flu. A study that was carried out in 2013 shown that increased levels of humidity of 43% and above can help to reduce the ability of airborne viruses to cause flu infections while in low humidity, about 80 per cent of the viruses will transmit diseases though coughs.

Increased level of humidity can help to lower the rate of virus transmission by 15 per cent. Humidity also helps to limit the transmission of influenza virus, a common viral infection that is very deadly especially in high risk groups.


  1. Helps to treat illnesses

Moistened air with a humidifier helps to soothe certain symptoms of flu and colds such as irritation of the throat, nasal passages and bronchial tubes. This helps you to sleep and breathe easier.


  1. Faster healing

A humidifier helps to speed up the healing process from illnesses such as allergies, asthma, flu, sinus infection or cold by lubricating the nasal passages. Keeping the throat moist helps to reduce symptoms like sneezing and coughing helping you to heal faster.

  1. Protects wood furnishing

Wood furniture, moldings, doors and flooring responds negatively to too little or too much moisture in the air. Too little humidity makes wood furnishing to split and crack. Adding a humidifier to a room with wood furniture helps to preserve the integrity of the wood maintaining it for many years to come.

In addition, humidifiers helps to preserve the appearance of walls by slowing the peeling of wall papers and cracking of wall paints.


  1. Helps to preserve the voice

Vocal cords should be kept well lubricated and supple in order to be able to vibrate and produce good sounds. Viruses, dehydration and even eating the wrong foods can make you to lose your speaking as well as singing voice. Sleeping with a humidifier in the bedroom keep the air most which helps you to sound like your normal self all the time even immediately after you wake up.


  1. Keeps the skin moisturized

Dry cold air draws moisture from the skin which can lead to all kind of problems such as dullness, dryness, accelerated aging and flaking. The lips and hands also tend to become dry more often and easily during winter. A humidifier helps to prevent these damaging effects by keeping the skin soft, moist and more vibrant.


  1. Easing Asthma

Research has shown that children and adults suffering from asthma can use a humidifier to enhance their breathing especially if the condition is caused by a respiratory infection. However, any asthmatic person should check with the doctor before using a humidifier and always ensure that it is clean so that the air is free from any asthma irritants.


  1. Creates Warmth

A humidifier not only moisturizes the dry skin that accompanies winter but also makes the home to feel warmer and more comfortable. The more the moisture in the air, the warmer it feels.


  1. Helps to reduce snoring

Snoring is at times caused by dry sinuses and throats. Staying hydrated can be of big help. This includes drinking lots of water and adding water to the air using a humidifier to fight the dryness that can lead to snoring. A moist environment feels more comfortable and warmer which encourages better sleep.


  1. Helps to prevent nosebleeds

Keeping the nasal passages lubricated and moist also helps to prevent nosebleeds. If you often suffer from nose bleeding especially during winter, you should get a humidifier. Many people who are prone to nose bleeds have stated that the added humidity makes a big difference.


  1. Controls static electricity

A common sign of winter is the time you try to pet your cat but get jarring jolt of static electricity or you find your items stuck together due to static electricity. A humidifier helps to lessen the effects of static electricity in the air during dry winter months.


  1. Reduced heating bill.

As stated earlier, a room with more moisture in the air feels warmer than one with lower humidity. This means that you can warm up a room by simply adding moisture which will help you save several bucks that you could have spent oh heating your home.


  1. Lessens Electronics Shock

No one enjoys electric shocks but is very hard to avoid it especially during winter. Though the chances of a significant damage is minimal, it can damage to your electronic equipment. A humidifier helps to lessen electronic shock during dry winter months.


  1. Healthier house plants

Most plant species thrive in tropical climates with high humidity but they suffer in dry winter air. Indoor air during winter lacks enough humidity for plants to thrive, the soil becomes dryer than required, the leaves become brown and droopy and they may die altogether.

A humidifier helps to keep houseplants healthier which will keep you healthy too. A humidifier makes a big difference in house plants.


  1. Relieves sinusitis

Sinuses do not drain or function properly during dry air. A research that was carried out by experts shown that adding humidity to the air is good for healthy sinus especially to people suffering from sinusitis and congestion.


You will enjoy the above humidifier benefits if you use it to add humidity in your home, office or any other indoor area. However, too much moisture in the air also has its negative impacts; too much moisture encourages the growth of organisms such as dust mites, molds and mildew.

One should monitor the level of humidity and maintain the humidifier regularly to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of moistened air listed above.





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